Simplified view, Readability, Remove Clutter from webpages, Remove ads and distractions, Leave the text for an efficient reading experience.

AI Reader

Webpage Simplifier and Declutter

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Simplified view, Readability, Remove Clutter from webpages

Remove ads and distractions, Leave the text for an efficient reading experience.


A Tool to clean out your webpage and keep it simple

Surfing the web is about getting your information, quickly and efficiently. Today websites are full of interferences and irrelevant popups trying to promote and advertise stuff.

Imagine that with the click of a button, you can clean out all of the hinderences and leave you just the text, so that you can get on with your reading.
AI Reader does just that! With the click of a button your website is transformed into a text document which you can print or download, thus saving you the hassle of overcoming webpage interferences.
The app simplifies your web experience and allows for better comprehension and understanding of the content.
AI Reader incorporates a series of algorithms to do what you need, all with the click of a button.
Any Website, news, articles, entertainment, study... All websites, using the AI Reader can be cleaned out and simplified.
AI Reader is planned to incorporate future functionality that will only extend its versatility practicality and benefits.

What our customers say


We focus on solutions that help people with every day surfing. And we take pride in making them simple and accessible to users .

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Expose Hidden Content



With AI Reader you can incorporate Text To Speech capabilities and enjoy the advantages of dictation. Serves as a great contributor to comprehension.


Our goal is to help ease your reading experience, with font editing capabilities you can increase and decrease font size, change the style and the colour.


Print the content from any website without all the clutter


With the click of a button, all the adverts and undesired clutter is removed, to enable a simple and clean reading experience.


The basic service is free, so you can enjoy the capabilities without the fear of having to pay anything.


Using AI Reader may enable you to expose hidden content in websites not accessible to the general public



We very much value and protect your privacy. We don't store any of your data. We don't share it 3rd parties, other than Google, for the speech-to-text engine. We use the Android's native speech-recognizer - so Android's and your device's maker's privacy policies apply.


This app is given for your usage and enjoyment AS-IS. We do our best to develop the best apps, but, as with any software, we might have errors and furthermore, we rely on Google as our service provider, which might change its software without notice. Therefor, we cannot be responsible for any data loss, or failure in the software's performance. Furthermore, we rely on Google and Android as our speech recognition engine, so changes in their APIs might affect our app's performance. Failures might happen without notice. We encourage you to test the app before purchasing. In general, purchases are not refundable. Subscriptions can be stopped at any time.



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